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Check Out Our Work

  • Hathi Brand Atta (:30 sec)

    A national Indian food brand..

  • TravelOPod.com (0:30 sec)

    A nationa Travel Booking Agency..

  • CompareRemit.com (0:30 sec)

    A National Remit to India site.

  • Priya Living (:30 sec)

    A nationally advertised Indian Retirement Home.

  • Priya Living (1:12 sec)

    A Retirement Community.

  • Sistar Mortgage (0:30 sec)

    A National Mortgage Company.

  • MultiChoice Insurance (:30 sec)

    A national travellers insurance company.

  • Kinjni Skincare (:30 sec)

    A national skincare line.

  • Divine Vastu (:50 sec)

    Vastu Shastra by Rewa Kumar.

  • Sun Brand Flours (0:30 sec)

    A national Indian food brand.

  • Canvas Infotech (:30 sec)

    Comedy about a job placement company.

  • Syere.com (:30 sec)

    A dating site for professionals.

  • CrazyOnDigital (:30 sec)

    Accessories for your electronics.

  • Unirelo.com (:30 sec)

    An international moving company.

  • TalentsPro.net (:30 sec)

    An IT job placement company.

  • Total Wealth Solutions (:30 sec)

    A national mortgage company.

  • Arcus Lending (:30 sec)

    A home mortagage firm based in Santa Clara.

  • Matrix Insurance (:30 sec)

    A business insurance company.

  • Beacon Urgent Care (1:40 sec)

    An Urgent Care Center located in Santa Clara, CA.

  • Inframatix IDM (2:00 sec)

    An Identity Management Firm located in San Jose.

  • Movegistics (2:35 sec)

    A CRM Built for Moving Companies.

  • UPS Store (1:35 sec)

    A Small Business Solution based in Sunnyvale.

  • Boster Bio (1:08 sec)

    A bio-tech company based in Fremont, CA.

  • Canvas Infotech (1:42 sec)

    A job-placement and training firm in Fremont, CA.

  • Perfect Taste (1:24 sec)

    A high-end catering company based in San Bruno, CA.

  • Blue Pearl Software (3:41 sec)

    A Tech Company based in Santa Clara, CA.

  • BioCube (2:25 sec)

    A BioTech Incubater in San Jose, CA.

  • Santana Row - PoolSide Soiree (1:12 sec)

    A Summer fashion show at Santana Row, San Jose.

  • Indian Wedding (16:02 sec)

    An Indian Wedding explained step by step.

  • XConomy (:57 sec)

    A high-tech conference in the Bay Area.

  • Levi's Stadium (:57 sec)

    An intro to 49er's Levis Stadium.

  • Green Kids (2:27 sec)

    A Green Conference for Kids held every year at Microsoft.

  • Amita Bal (1:17 sec)

    An Indian Fashion Show.

  • Santana Row - Fashion Night Out (1:34 sec)

    A yearly outdoor fashion show held by Santana Row, San Jose, CA.

  • Mission City 5K (1:35 sec)

    A 5K held by Mission City Foundation.

Our comedies

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Wanna Be On Zee TV?

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We’re Artists.

We start every project with a blank canvas.

Every inch of each production is fully inspired by who our client is and their unique value. We bridge the gap between Beauty and Business.


Don’t worry, we'll figure it out for you.

A part of our process is understanding YOU as a business owner. There’s a unique value that you bring to the world and you do it in your own unique way. We extract that and use it as our inspiration for your video.


Absolutely none.

You have very little time, we understand. That is exactly why we make sure you don’t have to do ANYTHING to make this video come out perfectly.



Week 1: Script/Casting/Locations

Our first task is to finalize the concept and script.

Next, we send you pictures of actors we've auditioned for the various roles along with a few locations we think will fit the story.

Week 2: Pre-Production

Once the actors, script and locations are finalized, we will schedule all of the shoot dates and begin storyboarding.

Week 3: Shooting, Music, Editing & Graphic Branding

Next we shoot the ad over the course of the week. Create original music according to the emotion and direction of the ad. Then finish editing the ad with customized graphic branding.

Week 4: Finalize

We'll send you the first cut of the ad. Then go back and forth on whatever changes you'd like to make until the commercial is complete.


We make video Easy

STEP 1: Call Us.    STEP 2: We Do All the Work.    STEP 3: Video's Done.

Services We Provide

All of our productions are PURELY ORGANIC. From the storyline to the music, from shooting to postproduction, everything is done in-house.


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